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School CPD leaders face a range of challenges from evidencing impact to getting all staff on board.

It’s easy to lose sight of what should matter: professional development that improves outcomes for all learners.

Use this free toolkit of ready-made planning templates, case studies and research summaries to support you in your role – and save time.

Lead CPD successfully

What the research tells us, and schools who have put this into action
Making CPD relevant to teachers’ needs – not one size fits all
Establishing and embedding a coaching culture
Areas covered

What makes effective professional development, and how to make it happen

Resources and guidance to meaningfully measure the impact of CPD activities

High-impact activities

What CPD leaders should focus on to get big benefits for low costs

Changing practice

How CPD can be more than information delivery and improve what happens in the classroom

Save time

Resources, templates and pro formas to make CPD planning that much easier 

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