Free homework projects for pupils in Years 1 to 6

As COVID-19 is causing a lot of upheaval for schools and parents, Optimus Education wants you to know that we’re here for you.

To help and support you, we are making our 71 homework projects (more than 400 hours worth) from the Prospectus Curriculum completely free to download ready for schools to use and supply to pupils and families during this challenging time.

The Prospectus Curriculum homework activities are called POWer Projects and they have been devised as a way to encourage and promote children’s independent learning at home. Each POWer Project provides an engaging stimulus to capture children’s imagination and interest through a theme, whilst providing opportunities to develop a variety of skills.

Please encourage parents to post photos of their children's work to social media with the hashtag #POWerProjects - we'd love to see their work.

We appreciate your headteacher will want to quality assure these documents, so please do share the homework projects with them.

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Over the coming weeks, Optimus Education will provide free resources to support you through this challenging time. To find out more or register to receive regular updates, visit

These homework activities come from Optimus Education’s Prospectus primary curriculum. Prospectus is a thematic, humanities-based curriculum that has been written by a team of currently-serving headteachers and senior leaders. Prospectus includes thematic topics that embed the Ofsted Inspection Framework, subject-specific skills progression trackers, lesson plans containing more than 1,800 hours, full foundation subject coverage allowing skills and knowledge progression from EYFS to Key Stage 2, plus much more.

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